Aly Writes [literally]

...the sky is falling...

I write. I sleep. I eat. I read.
I am a brunette and a Leo.
That's all you need to know.

~Okay, no! First thing you know is that I had a sneezing fit as I tried to write this. And I still need to, so I look like a hyperventilating freak right now. ^___^
Secondly, I am a teen. And yes, I do write. And yes, I do read angsty YA romance books. And yes, I am a girl. But I do like history. And colorful pens.
I wouldn't say I'm your typical teenager though. I don't carry Twilight around like it's my Bible, nor do I troll it online. I'd rather sing Disney songs than songs about booty-poppin' it at the club or how great sex is. I don't use make-up as if I were painting a picture on my face. I'm not a troll. And I actually know how to spell and use grammar. And I REALLY love history.
I'm just...me. c: